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This week’s beauty tip… slather on the oils to beat winter dehydration. My skin gets so dry at this time of year. The only thing that works is my Skin Respect Dry Oil, preceded by my Peptide Mist. Sometimes I use it twice a day!

Food Nutrition

I have a passion for tasty spinach salad. I emphasise the word tasty! It can be very hard to find but today at Ham Yard we all had kale soup. Believe it or not it was delicious. This evening I had spinach salad at dinner and although there may be some people who refer to me as a bit of cow (haha) at the moment I really do feel like I should be hanging around a field and mooing!

Restaurant / Meal of the week

I was privileged to have lunch with the lovely @AlexSteinherr, Beauty Director at Glamour Magazine, at C-London on Wednesday. A very impressive and beautiful woman with a real passion for tanning and a life that is almost as manic as mine with air miles to match!


London all week. I had to say goodbye to home on Saturday, and my little dog Tootsie! ( I would love to say that she will miss me, but she will get so pampered in my absence I doubt she will even notice when I return! ).

Travel / Transit

I made a mistake with my trains and got myself to Kew Bridge, rather than Kew Gardens, (1.5 miles of a difference) so I walked. It was beautiful, even on a cold January morning. It must be a very beautiful place in summer. I have been to Richmond many times but never thought to get off at Kew. Do it. You won’t be disappointed!

Something Inspirational

Those who came onto the streets of Paris with placards saying ‘Je suis Charlie’. Freedom of speech must be fought for and protected. It is the last thing we have before we descend entirely to barbaric violence.

What I have read

I am reading The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. Very uplifting and metaphorical. I would definitely recommend it if you need inspiration to stick to your path.

What I have watched
I’ve just finished binge watching Marco Polo on Netflix (it’s my way of getting over jet lag). It’s an epic costume drama about Kublai Khan and the famous Italian medieval explorer. Mesmerising, beautiful, dark and violent. Quite addictive! I’m looking forward to them bringing out the next series. A fantastic way to introduce the Medieval Chinese history to a Western audience. I want more!

Memory of the week

I was reminiscing with my sons about how, at ages 5 and 3, they thought that their baby sister was an alien because she arrived in her own little space ship (incubator), and how they decided to turn her into a boy when she was three, and showed me with great pride how they had done so by cutting off all her beautiful hair (Lord knows where they found the scissors!). I was horrified! I had spent 6 weeks in hospital watching many mothers give birth to their 5th, 6th, 7th and in one case 10th baby boy! It’s not that I wouldn’t have loved her if she was a boy, but having had two boys already it was lovely to have another female in the family. Clearly the boys didn’t agree. Caitlyn was delighted with her new haircut! I put little pink bow clips in her hair everyday, and everyday ‘someone’ pulled them out! I dressed her in skirts, and the boys dragged her through mud. It was a war of attrition and I’m not sure if either side won. Cailtyn is a model, but would wear baggy jeans and hobnail boots everyday if she could get away with it. Maybe she is just a very balanced young woman. And then of course that begs the question… what is a woman?! Lets not let this spiral into a philosophical treatise. It’s just a blog after all!

Reflection of the week

In a world so dominated by digital communications, the real value of human connection can get easily forgotten. I think we would all benefit from more face-to-face meetings and less conversation on screen.