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Press Days

So this week we launched Trystal™ Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals and Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask to the New York press. First stop Vogue at One World Trade Centre. What a building! Three levels of security just to get past the lobby! And so incredibly white… And I mean white. So white it hurts the eyes! White marble floors, bright white walls, white stairs, white ceilings, white white white. Like going to a strange, eye squintingly white (but rather hard) cloud. Like Ugly Betty on speed! I was early, so I took a wander around, and raised some concerns for the dark glasses, walky talkied security officer (honestly I think he was bored!), who kept a firm eye on my exploring. In amongst all the white at One World Trade is the lobby to Conde Nast. They have a beautiful, free hand, multi coloured oil painting that covers the entire wall. About 50 feet long and 15 feet high! It’s amazing, and I grabbed a pic!

And then outside is the endless lake, surrounded by the names of all those killed at 9/11, etched into iron so they have a 3d quality. Such a contrast.

As for the meeting – Vogue loves our brand new Trystal™ Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals & Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask…of course!


I went to Le Bernardin Restaurant on Tuesday – very smart. So smart that they gave my bag its very own stool! Normally my bag is stuffed full to bursting. I felt the need to tidy up and make it pretty, much like not letting the kids slouch at the table! Lol.


This week I was in NYC. I left London at 13 degrees (far too warm for January) and arrived in NYC at -10 degrees (far too cold for me!) I was like a bag lady going through the airport with all my jumpers, coat and scarf!! Lol! But for all the cold, the views as always, are spectacular at sunset and dawn.


Best airport lounge so far has to be Terminal 2 at Heathrow. Actual food and vegetables! Best airport coffee shop has to be O’Briens at Belfast City Airport! What a surprise – real food!

Something Inspirational I watched

‘The Good Lie’ on my last flight. A story of Sudanese child refugees who somehow, against all the odds, survived civil wars in 3 countries, travelling thousands of miles on foot to reach refugee camps and eventually from there to America in the year before 9/11. A story of survival, generosity,the wastefulness of the west, and most of all the ties that bind a family. It’s a simple tale told in a subtle style against an epic back drop. The motto of the film:
‘If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to far, go together.’
Kind of like Vita Liberata really!

What I Have Read

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – about Iceland in 1827. Amazing book of murder, betrayal, good, evil and ultimately powerlessness. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I lived this book as I read it.

What I Have Watched

The Equaliser with Denzel Washington. Quiet, modest, unsung action hero, takes on Russian people traffickers in New York. In a way that only Denzel could do. Very entertaining and definitely worth spending a winter night in for!