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I ran out of my SPF oil in St Martin (how silly am I). It meant that I had to go buy something else…shock horror. And I’m glad I did, because it reminded me why we worked so hard on the SPF line. The alternative oil left me greasy all day, and the milk left me quite white! Thank goodness we have brought factor 50 to the market. It really was time for some excellence in this category!

Food Nutrition

I had the most surprising cup of tea and a beyond delicious carrot muffin at the baggage reclaim hall at JFK. The tea was 1 dollar, seriously! That’s about 65p and it was perfect Hot for starters! The muffin was fresh and moist and clearly home cooked. This followed a flight from Dallas with the worst airline food ever, so maybe I was hungry and thirsty. But I really don’t think so. Pity it is inside the terminal at JFK. If it was in Manhattan, I would walk 20 blocks for it! 



The Caribbean was a revelation. I want to go back tomorrow! Now we are in NYC, and it’s -8 degrees Celsius, and my legs are heavy from the cold when I was out earlier! 


Well as I said, American Airlines sadly does not get my vote. I travelled NYC/St Martin/ Dallas/ NYC. On the first flight, I asked for more water and gave my cup back to refill(saving a polar bear everyday!) and the chap looked at me with utter disgust and said,wait for this…”Haven’t you heard of Ebola?” 

I pointed out to him that he too could have Ebola and that I was having to trust his bare hands with my life!I’m shaking my head even as I write! But it wasn’t just that, it was all 4 flights. Everyone a sorry experience- Demotivated staff, frustrated passengers,just bad vibes all round. 

Something Inspirational

The sound of the waves rhythmically breaking on the shore in St Martin. All day and all night . And the stars at night, so many stars. Reminding me how irrelevant we really all are, and our small decisions, and petty worries. And so why not help others, love generously, pursue joy, and seek to be free. At the end of it all, our lives will only be a hyphen between two dates, and their meaning will be in the memories we have left behind us. Leave good ones!

Memory of The Week

We had supper at a cafe and there was a guitarist singing Guantanamera, a really famous Spanish song that my mother used to play and sing with her friends when I was very small. It was before “The Troubles” began, so pre ’69. Ironically, all things brought together, it’s about a woman from Guantanamo, yet it was adopted as a nationalistic Cuban song. Which is even more ironic, as apparently it was inspired by a lovers jealousy that resulted in nothing more exciting than a sandwich being thrown at the writers face (I got that from Wikipedia). 

My memory is a beautiful woman, most often smiling, looking down at me and singing this happy jaunty song, with exotic words many of which I still know, but none of which I understood. I’m humming it now in my head! 

Reflection of The Week

Okay so here’s the thing. Did I ever think, way back at the start, that I would be sitting in an apartment in NYC watching the Empire State Building change colours for the Super Bowl? Having just returned from shooting a video in the Caribbean via training Sephora inside JC Penny in Dallas? All in the last three days? 

Answer is nope! Not at all, not one bit! This I never saw.

Best tan in the world? Didn’t even see that at the beginning! 

Selling in 26 countries? Yes, I possibly saw that. But I had no idea what that would mean in reality. Living out of a suitcase, getting to know where to buy my necessaries in San Francisco,  LA, Chicago, Dallas, NYC, Toronto, Paris, London, Lisbon ,Barcelona , Rome, Milan. Speaking with customers in countries with time zones anything from 14 hours ahead to 8 hours behind. Dealing in 25 languages. Having a team of 55 (and counting) working all across North America and Europe and of course Ballyclare! 

Nope. Really I didn’t see any of this. And if I had, I would have probably thought it would have meant successor something. But truth is, it feels really similar…just more! It’s like when you are a child and you think of  21 as being really old, and grown up,and then you get to 21 and you realise you don’t feel much different to when you were a child! 

Sometimes people approach me as if I were ‘somebody’, who has done ‘something’ and I am always so taken aback! I don’t feel like ‘somebody’ who has done ‘something’. I’m just trying to make great product that people will love and create some joy along the way. 

So here I sit and the Empire State is still changing colour, and the fairy lights of all of lower Manhattan stretch for miles, as far as the twinkling Brooklyn Bridge. And it’s all so normal.. Amazing! 

Bad Merchandising

This is actually great merchandising. It’s a wolf languishing in a table in the airport at Dallas (Terminal C) everyone who passed couldn’t help but look. It was soooo real. Not sure how many pairs of boots or gowdy cowboy shirts it actually sold, but it achieved the purpose of getting the shop noticed.Brilliant!