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Finding inspiration amongst the day-to-day can be a challenge, which is why every summer I take some time to travel, to broaden my horizons and discover new places in the world. This is not really a ‘holiday’ as such, I continue to work and take meetings remotely, because of course, the business never stops! But it is a chance for me to take a step back and reflect, if only for a short period. Travel gives me the opportunity to learn about different cultures, see things I’ve maybe never seen before and to experience something new. Three things I value highly!

As the CEO of Vita Liberata I’m ‘always on’ so finding time for inspiration can be a challenge. This summer I’ve been travelling around Spain and have encountered some awe-inspiring locations and buildings. There are too many sights to name them all, so I’ve gathered some of my personal highlights for you below. 

  generic Misoprostol online no prescription The Alhambra, Granada

The Alhambra is a palace of diaphanous pillars and arches that command you to look up. It adds to so much the mystery and romance of the place. I can imagine silken veiled ladies floating between them, with huge dark kohl lined eyes fluttering alluringly at the courtiers being received into the wonder of this place. And we only see the skeleton. The colours have mostly gone. It would have been overwhelmingly blue and gold.


Casa Mila, La Pedrera – Gaudi, Barcelona

There is no filter needed for this magnificent Gaudi piece on the roof of La Pedrera in Barcelona. I could not make the sun seem brighter, the sky seem more blue. Anyone who knows me knows how much i love northern Spain. The art, culture and beauty of the place is amazing. 


Cabo de Gata

The staggering beauty of buy non prescription drugs generic Misoprostol Cabo de Gata which is the South Eastern most peninsula in Spain makes you catch your breath. It reminded of the north coast of Ireland at Portrush, except a lot windier and a lot sunnier, and a lot warmer – and somewhat more blue! Take a look at my experience – and the windy conditions! here.

For me these places have been particularly inspiring. Their culture and beauty is a feast for the mind and can spark an ideas and thoughts out of nowhere. While I would urge you to travel I understand that it’s not always possible, and I believe that you can find inspiration wherever you are. Go outside, look up, look around and take in the world around you. There is always something new to discover. 


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