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Have you heard about Matrixyl 3000? This super smart, natural ingredient stimulates skin to produce more collagen for a plumper, firmer result. Read on to find out more. One of the best parts of running my own beauty business is the time I get to spend developing new products. When I started out I wanted to create products that made women’s lives easier; beauty that takes no time at all to achieve, delivers amazing results and that would fit into any woman’s busy schedule. This focus is at the forefront of all new product development at Vita Liberata and there is nothing I love more than being in the lab working on new products to bring to market.

get link One thing I am truly passionate about is anti-aging skincare that really works. We do this by bringing together the smartest technologies with the most natural ingredients and the result is high-performance skincare that is actually good for your skin. But what are the wonder-ingredients that make the products work? I’ll be taking you through some of the ingredients in our products and telling you what they are and exactly what they do. First up, Matrixyl 3000, the ingredient that helps your skin to produce more collagen. The result? Plumper, conditioned skin and reduced fine lines without having to go anywhere near a needle!

Matrixyl 3000 – What is it?

Matrixyl 3000 is a collection of peptides that stimulate collagen and skin repair. Peptides are made up of amino acids and they send signals to our skin cells.

What does it do?

Matriyxl 3000 contains multiple peptides that work together to mimic the appearance of broken down collagen. This causes your skin to react by producing more collagen.

What Vita Liberata products can I find it in?

Matrixyl 3000 is present in our Self Tanning Anti Age Serum. This wonder-product no only gives a beautiful natural looking tan, it reduces fine lines whilst plumping and conditioning skin. It’s no wonder our serum is loved by so many, including Glamour Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr who can’t get enough of this nourishing anti-age product. It’s a must-have for a youthful glow!

Vita Liberata Anti Age Serum Wins Glamour Beauty Power List for Face Glow

Self Tanning Anti Age Serum is available now on

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