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This is not a joke
As much I hate it, and it pains me to say it, self tan is often the butt of cosmetic jokes.  We’re the Irish man in an Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman joke, which being Irish, also irks me!  I understand why though, in the history of cosmetics self tan is a relatively new product, and for a long time it was a terrible product; it smelt bad, it streaked and it turned you a completely unnatural colour.  But we’ve come a long way since then. 
I make sure my tans are packed with natural extracts that nourish, feed and protect skin.  We have developed Advoganic (advanced organic) technologies that produce a beautifully natural colour that fades perfectly, and negates the need for harsh cosmetic chemicals.  And our Odour Remove technology doesn’t just mask the traditional self tan smell, it removes it completely.
And sunless tan isn’t just a cosmetic, it is a viable alternative to sun exposure.  We all want to be tanned, to banish the pallor associated with sickness, and “glow” with good health, and now you don’t need the sun to do it.  You can be bronzed and beautiful all year round regardless of the weather, and without once putting yourself in front of the sun’s harmful rays.

source link Around 72,100 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the UK every year. In the US over 4 million cases are diagnosed every year, and it’s estimated that between 40 – 50% of ALL Americans who live to 65 will have skin cancer at least once.  Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer by far and we should take it more seriously. 

Most skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun, it could be through long term exposure, or short periods of intense sun exposure (like those annual beach holidays we all love) and burning.  Everyone can get skin cancer but it’s more common in fair skinned people – which is why Vita Liberata was born in Ireland, the home of the fairest of the fair.
In this day and age we go out of our way to look after our hearts, through diet and exercise, campaign against pollution to protect our lungs, take supplements and do yoga to safeguard our joints, but rarely give our skin a second thought.  Our skin is our largest organ, I think it deserves a little more respect.
Be safe, be smart and get your glow on #vitaliberata 
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