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buy Misoprostol without rx generic Misoprostol online About Alyson Hogg

cheap Misoprostol without a prescription Founder and CEO of Vita Liberata, Irish-native Alyson Hogg is a true renaissance woman with a professional career inclusive of multiple categories including broadcast news, academia, hospitality, politics and beauty. With passion at the core of all her endeavors, Alyson has a unique insight into what makes people tick and is a true supporter of women and their right to products that help to improve their lifestyle. This rich, well-rounded experience encompassing eclectic viewpoints and a strong business acumen has allowed Alyson to create a global luxury tanning brand that has taken the beauty world by storm.

Alyson established Vita Liberata in 2003 to create innovative skincare that truly delivered. A world traveller and busy mum, in 2007 Alyson saw a gap in the marketplace for a luxury self-tanner with unique skincare benefits combined, suiting the needs of women on-the-go. Vita Liberata became the brand made BY women, FOR women and WITH women in mind.

Pure ingredients, innovation and the desire to produce products that “actually work” have been key to her development philosophy. Alyson prides herself on delivering simple yet clever skincare products that perform while being enjoyable to apply. Eager to destroy the stereotypical views of existing self-tanners, Alyson’s dream came to reality in the creation of Vita Liberata with its Moisture Lock™ and Odour Remove™ technologies. With a fast drying quality and natural-fade, Vita Liberata’s vast assortment of formulas was able to suit the need of all consumers. True to her commitment to pure ingredients, Alyson declared Vita Liberata as the world’s first completely non-toxic tanning brand in 2011 making it the healthiest way to achieve an even bronzed glow.

“I come from a country where people can be very pale indeed and where skies can be dramatic but rather grey,” says Alyson. “When people use this product they are reminded of that joyful holiday feeling: glowing healthy skin, blue skies and sunshine! Those feelings are not interrupted by nasty smells, sticky skin and streaky results. It’s literally what Vita Liberata stands for – Free Life!